Virginia City Nevada

Piper's Opera House Presents :


   The Pipers at Piper’s Opera House in Historic Virginia City Saturday the 28th of June at 2 pm. This event sold out last year and is sure to bring out the Scotts, Celtics and lovers of traditional and modern music.

The band will have a full line up of tunes including old favorites such as Scotland the Brave and of course Amazing Grace. Some band favorites that have become popular in the region include Itchy Fingers and Clumsy Lover with a new style of piping from Canada. The concert will also be premiering a set of slip jigs with a new arrangement featuring Drops of Brandy, Donald Willie and his Dog, and The Duck.

There will be knock-your-socks off Drum salute and the band members will be playing other instruments in the break out-group Tinkers Dam. This group is lead by the pipe major who has played with some notable country artist. One of the youngest members of the band is Joe LoGiurato a prodigy who can play any thing and is a driving force in an important West Coast band named "The Scurvy Bastards". This Punk, Celtic, pirate music fusion group is most popular and sure to be a household name…. So come and hear Joe while we still have him.

The group will have at least 8 Pipers and 6 Drummers and will delight the house with their grand entry into the Historic Piper’s Opera House.

For information e-mail Sam Folio at phone 775 831 0379

Tickets are $15 gen adm and $25 VIP seating. Tickets are available on line at or by phoning 1 800 go tahoe


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